23. What is the role of LEPs?
The UK Government has set out that Local Enterprise Partnerships will play a role in the delivery of the next round of ESIF for the period 2014 - 2020. LEPs will receive an allocation of ESIF for the full seven year programme period. LEPs and their partners will oversee the ongoing strategic development and delivery of the ESI Funds, while Government Managing Authorities will undertake the management and administration of the fund. Government states that Local Enterprise Partnerships will provide strategic oversight of the ESIF strategy’s implementation and delivery. Government is tasking each LEP with establishing a sub-group of the national, EC-regulatory Programme Monitoring Committee. In D2N2 we have established an ESIF Programme Board which will play a key role in determining which projects receive funding. The ESIF Programme Board will work alongside the DCLG and other opt in agencies in this process. The ESIF Programme Board will have a key role in monitoring the delivery of projects. The D2N2 ESIF Programme Board will operate in a “shadow” status until the Operational Programmes have been agreed by the European Commission 


24. Can you provide some understanding of who sits on the ESIF Committee and how we can engage with them?
You can view a list of the members of the D2N2 ESIF Committee here.


25. Who will decide which projects in D2N2 receive funding?
The ESIF Committee is expected to play a key role in determining which projects receive funding working with the Managing Authority and opt in partners. For ERDF projects, the MHCLG will enter into contract with successful applicants. For ESF programmes delivered by the Opt-in organisations, the selection process will follow the Opt-in organisations own published selection criteria, which must comply with open and competitive tendering rules. The Opt-in organisation will enter into contract with successful applicants.


26. Will there be an appeals process?
The Government has decided that there will be no appeals process at the Outline or Full Application stage. If an applicant is unsuccessful then, providing a similar call for proposals is launched in the future, it is conceivable that an applicant can re-apply. D2N2 staff will be happy to give feedback on unsuccessful Outline Applications to those applicants which request it. Applicants successful at the Outline stage will also receive feedback which should be taken on board for developing a Full Application.


27.Do you envisage any change in status or role of LEPs as preferred partners of Government if there is a change of Government this year?
We assume that the LEP role will continue but cannot predict possible governance changes by any incoming Government.

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