Tender opportunity - D2N2 Technical Assistance programme evaluation

D2N2 Local Economic Partnership (LEP) is the accountable body for the D2N2 LEP European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Technical Assistance Project. This project is part funded through the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund Programme 2014-2020 and the D2N2 LEP. The project was awarded £90,114 ERDF monies plus £90,114 matched funding.

The purpose of the grant is to provide a Technical Assistance Service for the D2N2 LEP area that provides technical advisory support, ensuring that quality proposals are designed in accordance with ERDF and national funding requirements. The team facilitates wide ranging access to the ERDF Programme, through stakeholder engagement and promotional activities and events to increase the visibility of ERDF funding in the sub-region.

The LEP is seeking a high-quality provider for the evaluation (known as a summative assessment) of the ERDF Technical Assistance Project.  There is a short timeframe to submit your quotation and complete the summative assessment.

For more information, please view the Invitation to Quote. Any questions / clarifications relating to this process must be submitted by email to Richard Kirkland via richard.kirkland@d2n2lep.org.

DEADLINE for quotations: Wednesday 16th December 2020, 5.00pm
Completion date for summative assessment: 29/1/21

Article uploaded 8/12/20

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