The D2N2 ESIF Committee

The D2N2 ESIF Committee is formally known as the D2N2 LEP Area ESIF Sub-Committee. It is a sub-committee of the national ESIF Growth Programme Board and formally reports to it. The D2N2 ESIF Committee comprises local representatives of partners from public authorities, economic and social partners and wider ‘civil society’. Its role is to prepare a local strategy for the investment of the D2N2 area’s notional allocation of European Structural and Investment funds and then advise the ESI Funds’ Managing Authorities on the local content of proposed ‘Call Specifications’ and on the local strategic fit of applications received for funding from the D2N2 allocation.

The D2N2 ESIF Committee is convened by the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and the Chair of the ESIF Committee, Elizabeth Fagan, is also the Chair of the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.


Terms of Reference for LEP Area ESIF Committees:

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