ERDF open calls November 2018 - workshop post event page

Supporting organisations to make successful applications to the following ERDF calls in D2N2:

  • Priority Axis 1- Promoting Research and Innovation
  • Priority Axis 2 – ICT
  • Priority Axis 3 - Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Priority Axis 4 – Low Carbon
  • Priority Axis 5 - Climate Change
  • Priority Axis 6 - Environment and Resource Efficiency


Deadline for applications: November 23rd 2018.

To support organisations to understand the strategic priorities of the calls and to support good quality applications, D2N2 LEP hosted two free workshops:

  • Thursday 1st November 2018 at the Riverside Centre in Derby
  • Tuesday 6th November 2018 at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham

The presentation for the events can be found here.


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