D2N2 European Social Fund 2014-2020 consultation 26/7/17

Local authority representatives were invited to a workshop/discussion on Wednesday 26th July, at Derbyshire County Cricket ground to meet with the consultants carrying out a review of the D2N2 European Social Fund Programme 2014-20. D2N2 appointed Chimera Consulting and Blinkbright to carry out an intensive review of the ESF Programme to provide an insight into the effectiveness of existing programmes and highlight opportunities for further improvements. The report from the research will be used to inform future D2N2 strategy and commissioning.

The consultants interviewed the 13 prime contractors, plus a sample of business and beneficiaries. They also contacted a sample of non-contracted providers. The over-arching aim of their work is to help D2N2 improve the alignment of skills supply and employer demands.

Some of the main issues the consultants wanted to discuss were: 

  • Suggestions of changes to the programme (for improvements)
  • Alignment to ESIF and Skills and Employability Strategy and strategic fit
  • Procurement process (including usefulness of pre-events)
  • Effectiveness of local activities to support collaboration and partnership working
  • Appetite for and availability of future match funding.



D2N2 ESF Programme review final report


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