Past Events

Information, presentations and useful links relating to past events funded through the Technical Assistance programme will be made available on this page.  Post event information prior to July 2017 can be found by following this link.

November 2019: Intensive support for young people with additional needs or those from vulnerable groups; Fuller Working Lives; Health & Social Care workforce development

September 5th 2019: Nottingham Youth Employment Initiative

August 2019: Technical Construction Skills for Unemployed People AND Supporting progression into the Food and Drink Manufacturing Sector

August 2019: ERDF open calls (Priorities 1 - 4)

May 2019: Digital Skills for the Employed, Digital Skills for the Unemployed, Skills Access Hub and Careers & Employability Hub

April 1st 2019: Nottingham Sustainable Urban Development Strategy

November 2018: Launch of 2 ESF open callsAccess to Employment for Jobseekers and Inactive People AND Careers & Employability Service for those at risk of becoming NEET

November 2018: Launch of 6 ERDF open calls (Priorities 1 - 6)

September 2018: Launch of the ESFA opt-in programmes - Community Grants, NEET, Skills Support for the Workforce and Redundancy

July 5th 2018: Active Inclusion in D2N2

December 2017/January 2018: Launch of the Innovation & SME Competitiveness Calls 

December 13th 2017: ERDF project manager workshop

October 3rd/4th 2017: D2N2 Growth Hub Sustainability consultation events

August/September 2017: Launch of the Community Programme

July 26th 2017: D2N2 European Social Fund Programme 2014-20 consultation

July 13th 2017: Sector & Skills Strategic Conference

July 13th 2017: Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector engagement event

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