Health and Social Care Workforce Development DEADLINE 30/12/19


This call aims to provide training to unemployed and inactive individuals and those furthest from the labour market to secure employment in the Health and Social Care Sector. The Health & Social Care (HSC) sector is one of D2N2’s key skills and employment sectors providing entry level jobs with progression potential to highly skilled roles.

Examples of activity may include:

  • Develop a wider and coordinated approach to improving awareness of careers.
  • Personalised one to one support and learning programmes.
  • Improved access to employment opportunities for people with additional barriers to work or progression.
  • Reducing employment barriers linked to social and economic isolation.
  • Improved access to volunteering opportunities, job placements, work experience, training and in-work development that support access to employment opportunities in the sector.
  • Extra support for apprenticeship opportunities in careers with low staffing ratios or personalised support models, including back-fill.
  • Access to support and development to gain employment in entry level roles and for progression within roles to meet employer needs.
  • Local networks and support groups to facilitate access to skills developments relevant to the sector.
  • Confidence building and motivational activities.
  • Support to find and keep employment in the sector, where appropriate complementing support offered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
  • Deliver pre-recruitment training which is focused on enhancing the individual’s awareness of employer and sector specific skills requirements.
  • Include bespoke job skills provision which targets occupations for which local entry-level vacancies exist, including work trials and work experience which affords the employer and the potential employee a risk-free opportunity to decide if ‘they are right for each other’.
  • Demonstrate employer-led and/or employer-influenced design and delivery.

For more information and to download the call specification, visit the website.

Information workshops took place in November to support organisations interested in applying for this call - view the post event page for the workshop presentation.

Closing date for applications is December 30th 2019.

Investment Priority

ESF Investment Priority 1.4: Active Inclusion

ESF investment

Approximately £1,814,046 of ESF is available.



Link to call documentation

For more information and to download the call specification, visit the website.

To apply for funding under this call you will need to complete and submit your Full Application via the ECLAIMS IT System.

Call-specific strategic documents

ESF Operational Programme 2014-2020

D2N2 ESIF Strategy

D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan 2019-2030

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