Active Inclusion in D2N2 - CLOSED


Launch of the Active Inclusion in D2N2 open call.  This call is for managing agent(s) to manage the grants programme across the D2N2 area.  This call has been reopened pending clarification of issues raised in relation to defrayal that may have prejudiced against some potential applicants.  

This message from Tim George, Department for Work and Pensions, European Social Fund Managing Authority Team, regarding defrayal.   “The Managing Authority (MA) has agreed to adopt a revised approach to Delegated Grant Schemes in the hope that this will allow greater access for the Third Sector. Barring an exception brought to my attention by D2N2, the MA had previously considered that defrayal at the lowest possible level must have occurred before a claim to the MA could be submitted. I am pleased to report that the MA has agreed to adopt a revised approach in which, subject to sufficient assurances within the management and compliance process, we would consider a delivery model in which defrayal by the Lead Accountable Body would be suitable for inclusion in a claim to the MA. Amongst other things, evidence of defrayal by the grantee would still be required as part of the verification process. Appraisers will be paying particular attention to the models proposed in a delegated grant scheme call to seek adequate assurances that the risks have been considered and suitably mitigated.”

A Technical Assistance workshop took place to support potential applicants on Thursday 5th July 2018 at Erewash CVS in Long Eaton. Please follow this link to the post event page for the presentation and useful information from the event.

Closing date is August 21st 2018.

Investment Priority

Priority Axis 1.4: Active Inclusion

ESF investment

Approximately £1,500,000 of funding is available.



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