Social Inclusion

Community Grants Programme
(lead organisation Futures)

The Futures Group have been awarded a contract by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to act as a Grant Co-ordinating Body to manage and distribute a small grants programme to small third sector organisations of between £5k - £20k per round within the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership area. 

ESF Community Grants are intended to support people from the hardest to reach communities and individuals experiencing multiple disadvantages to access opportunities to engage and progress in learning and employment.

ESF Community Grants will be made available in the form of small grants, (not exceeding £20,000), to appropriate third sector organisations to mobilise disadvantaged or excluded unemployed and inactive people to help them progress towards employment.

Programme end date - July 2021

Contact: Futures website

Building Better Opportunities

The National Lottery Community Fund has matched funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) 2014-2020 to invest in local projects tackling the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth.  The projects range from those improving employability for the most disadvantaged, helping those with multiple and complex needs, to improving financial literacy.  Three Building Better Opportunities projects have been funded in D2N2 – Money Sorted, Opportunity & Change, Towards Work.

The three projects undertake annual evaluations.
Year one evaluation reports: Money Sorted, Opportunity and Change, Towards Work
Year two evaluation reports: Money Sorted, Opportunity and Change, Towards Work

The Building Better Opportunities programme finishes in 2022.

Money Sorted in D2N2
(lead organisation Advice Nottingham)

A financial inclusion project helping people with money management and improving people’s financial well‐being.

The project will provide a six-month programme of person-centred support and a range of bespoke interventions designed to enable people experiencing financial crisis and financial hardship to take control, build confidence, tackle their problems and move out of poverty and exclusion.

The project provides:

  • a Personal Navigator providing individual support
  • assessment of financial well-being
  • personal Financial Resilience Plan
  • support with current financial circumstances, including debt, benefits, banking and any other aspects
  • financial capability support/ training, tailored to the needs of the participant
  • access to a money mentor
  • other support, as relevant to the participant

The project is led by St Ann's Advice Centre working with a network of community partners providing coverage across the LEP area. These include: Derby Advice, Derbyshire District CAB, Derbyshire Law Centre, Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, Direct Help and Advice ‐ DHA, South Derbyshire CAB, YMCA Derbyshire, Advice Nottingham, Disability Nottinghamshire, Emmanuel House, Nottinghamshire Advice Network, Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum, Nottinghamshire YMCA.

The project is being delivered across the LEP area targeted at individuals who are of working age, either unemployed or economically inactive, who are experiencing exclusion, are financially vulnerable or experiencing financial difficulty.

The outcomes of the project will be:

  • participants will be able to budget/plan finances better and achieve financial stability
  • be able to know what to look for when choosing financial products
  • reduce family stress related to financial problems and increased income and financial security

The project will support 2500 participants and the headline outputs will be 325 unemployed participants moving into education or training and 338 economically inactive people progressing into employment or job search

Contact details

Emma Bates - Project Co-ordinator
T: 0115 9081534


Opportunity and Change
(lead organisation Framework)

This project provides support to people with multiple and complex needs to assist them to move closer to the labour market. It will focus on those who are furthest from the labour market, helping them towards employment.

The aim of the programme is to support people who have at least two of the following needs: 

  • Homeless or vulnerably housed
  • Misusing substances
  • Experiencing mental health issues
  • Experiencing domestic abuse
  • Current or ex‐offenders

The programme aims to support people to achieve stability and provide access to mainstream services. It works with individuals to create a tailored package of support that will assist with a range of needs including accommodation, mental healthcare and education. The programme will help participants resolve their complex needs and become socially and economically included through access to education, training and employment.

The project is led by Framework working with an extensive network of community partners including Acorn Training Ltd, Awaaz, Changing Lives, Nottingham Contemporary, Derbyshire Law Centre, Derventio Housing, Double Impact, Emmanuel House, Improving Lives, Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum, Nottingham Women’s Centre, Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid, Nottinghamshire YMCA, RCAN, Riverside Group, Women’s Work Derbyshire, YMCA Derbyshire.

The project is being delivered across the LEP area targeted at disadvantaged individuals experiencing multiple and complex needs.

The outcomes of the project will be:

  • Participants resolving one, two or three of the complex needs that they experience
  • Participants having improved their capability, confidence, skills and independence through a personalised package of life skills training
  • Participants will be work ready on leaving the programme, having received a personalised package of advice, coaching, skills training and other interventions preparing them for work.

The project will support 650 participants and the headline outputs will be 65 participants moving into employment, 195 participants moving into education or training and 98 people who are economically inactive moving into job search. 

Contact details

Claire Eden - Programme Manager
T: 0115 970 9549


Towards Work
(lead organisation Groundwork Greater Nottingham)

The project aims to support people into employment, education and training through a personalised journey. It assists them to overcome personal barriers to employment and training through an all-inclusive package of support. The project will help people to tackle potential work barriers such as a lack of transport, having a disability, living in an isolated or rural area or having low or outdated skills

On completing the programme, in‐work support is available to participants who progress into a job to ensure that their employment is sustained.

Support is available for beneficiary childcare costs while on the programme.

There is also access to a personal budget for participants progressing into work which can support their travel and childcare costs and provide them with some financial support while they are waiting for first wage payment.

Target participants for the project include men aged 50-plus, 18 to 24-year-olds, and women returning to work or who have never worked. Participants will include people from BAME communities; those with mental health challenges; people with disabilities; homeless people; and those with substance misuse issues. 

The project is led by Groundwork Greater Nottingham alongside an extensive network of community partners including: Scintilla, Inspire Learning, Derventio, Derby College, Babington, Workpays, Double Impact, Inspire and Achieve Foundation, AWAAZ, The Bridges Community Trust, Nottingham Women’s Centre, The Bureau, High Peak Food Bank, YMCA Derbyshire, Direct Help and Advice.

The project is being delivered across the LEP area targeted at people who are unemployed or economically inactive.

The outcomes of the project will be:

  • Participants progressing into employment
  • Participants accessing education or training
  • Participants becoming economically active

The project will support 2500 participants and the headline outputs will be 325 participants moving into employment, 325 participants moving into education or training and 413 participants sustaining a job outcome after 3 months.

Contact details

Penny Halewood - BBO Programme Manager
T: 07850 503125

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