Opportunity & Change case study: Women's Work Derbyshire

Zara was first referred to Women’s Work Derbyshire’s Turn Around Project through Probation Services, leading to her participating in the Opportunity and Change Programme.  Presenting with bipolar, OCD, depression and anxiety, severe drug and alcohol use had been a part of Zara’s everyday life since the age of 12, whilst experiencing child-hood abuse, sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse throughout her teenage years and much of her adult life.

Zara had a prolific criminal record with her most recent offence being committed for ABH. As a result of her offence, Zara was put on supervised visits with her children with her ex-partner present. Throughout her time on Opportunity and Change, Zara has attended a variety of support programmes:  Freedom Programme, Equine Therapy, Loudspeaker Programme, Skills Plus For Change, WEA courses and Therapeutic Intervention groups at Women’s Work Derbyshire as well as attending one to one appointments with her personal navigator.

Opportunity & Change case study: Women's Work Derbyshire

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