Case study - Opportunity and Change participants appear on BBC One’s Country File

Opportunity and Change participants appeared on BBC One’s Country File on Sunday 12 August 2018 as a result of taking part in a Forestry Commission Sherwood Pines Bush Craft event.

Opportunity and Change is a programme lead by Framework that supports people to address their multiple and complex needs and become more socially and economically included through access to education, employment and training.

Framework’s Di Waddingham, a Navigator on Opportunity and Change, is a huge advocate of the impact that access to green space can have on an individual’s mental health and organised the event for participants.

The Forestry Commission Sherwood Pines run ‘Bush Craft Events’ which are tailored to individual groups, accessible to all and include outdoor activities promoting positive wellbeing in a no pressure environment.

On the 20 June 2018, 14 participants attended a full day Bush Craft event.  During the day participants took part in Ranger supported activities including:

  • A 2km guided walk to the secluded site with provision with different abilities
  • Fire-starting with natural tinder’s using a fire steel
  • Using a kelly kettle to make hot water for drinks
  • Making pizza on the outdoor clay oven
  • Shelter building
  • Log splitting
  • Managing a camp fire (including toasting marshmallows!)

Participant’s feedback included:

"After the event I was in a great mood, very positive and relaxed.  The day was so much fun and therapeutic”

“It improved my mental health.  I stopped thinking about all my worries”

“I was more at ease and relaxed about meeting new people and socialising with others”

“Proud of myself for going and taking part”

On the back of the outstanding feedback, Di wrote to the Forestry Commission to thank them and detailed the positive impact the event had on the participants.  As a result of this, the Forestry Commission submitted a successful bid to Country File.

The programme was aired on Sunday 12 August 2018 and the clip has now been uploaded to YouTube:

Opportunity and Change participants appear on BBC One’s Country File


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