Case study: Aleksandar Genov - Generation Z

Aleksandar Genov came to CT Skills looking for work experience opportunities after becoming frustrated being stuck in a classroom environment at college.  Although only 17 years of age, when we met Alex he came across as mature, motivated, assured and knowledgeable – a combination of attributes well beyond his years. “I wanted to be out there learning on the job. I didn’t like learning just from the text books,” he said.  His ambition is clear and simple: he wants to forge a successful career his own way.


Time and time again he’d been held back when applying for work experience or jobs at companies. He had often attended job interviews and had applied for hundreds of entry level roles, but even though they stated entry level on the applications, Alexsandar had the same common response - that he lacked the experience needed for the role.

Aleksandar Genov - Generation Z

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