ERDF Priority Axis 5

Climate Change CLOSED


This call is looking to promote climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management and specifically promoting investment to address specific risks, ensuring disaster resilience and developing disaster management systems.

The call documentation and more information on this call can be found here:


Proposals should demonstrate alignment with D2N2 local development needs and priorities including:

  • how proposals will contribute towards delivery of the D2N2 ESIF Strategy
  • how proposals will deliver elements within key local plans including the D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan and local Flood Risk Management Strategies such as the River Derwent Flood Prevention Plan and the Nottingham Left Bank Flood Scheme
  • how proposals will support the delivery of investment that safeguards existing businesses and other non-domestic properties from flood damage
  • how proposals will be “future-proofed” to provide protection from future events including a combination of in-channel works, flood defences, flood storage and pumping, etc


Up to £3,800,000 of funding is available in more developed LEP areas including D2N2.  A minimum value of £500,000 of funding can be applied for.

Match funding - applicants must identify that they can provide eligible match funding at 50% of total project costs.


Outline application deadline: 26 January 2018

Completion date

It is anticipated that funding from this call will be awarded for up to 3 years.

Support available

Prospective applicants interested in delivering the programme can contact Richard Kirkland, D2N2 European Structural and Investment Fund Coordinator on email for more information.


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