SME Growth & Innovation: Invest to Grow

SME Growth & Innovation: Invest to Grow

The University of Derby's Invest to Grow (ITG) programme provides grants and loans of between £15,000 and £250,000 to support private-sector businesses across the East Midlands to innovate, grow and create jobs.

Invest to Grow is a re-circulating finance scheme managed and delivered by the University of Derby, providing grants and loans to support the growth, innovation, and job creation activities of businesses across the East Midlands. As of March 2019 the ITG programme has awarded funding in excess of £23m to over 200 businesses, who in turn have created over 1,400 jobs and seen an additional £80m of private sector funding injected into the East Midlands economy.

Invest to Grow is one of three grants schemes available through the D2N2 Growth and Innovation Programme, led by East Midlands Business.  The other two grant schemes are Derby and Derbyshire Enterprise Growth Fund (D2EGF) and D2N2 Capital Growth Fund.

European Regional Development Fund funding from the D2N2 LEP will increase the amount of grant funding available from each of these Programmes, enabling the sponsoring organisation to provide more intensive support and/or support a greater number of businesses wishing to invest in innovation and growth and create new jobs. Grants range from £1,500 to £500,000.

For more information about the Invest to Grow programme, visit the University of Derby’s website.

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