INSTILS case study: Nottingham Counselling Service

Nottingham Counselling Services (NCS) works to improve access to therapy  services for vulnerable adults.  NCS was looking to develop its digital communications and approached an INSTILS adviser on how best this might be achieved.

The INSTILS Innovation Adviser worked with NCS to learn what was needed to help the company develop its services digitally.  It was found that the company did not have the necessary resources to complete the project on its own but it was eligible for INSTILS support.

Through INSTILS, NCS was helped to introduce a digital platform to access its service and appoint an extra staff member to find out more about NCS customers and how the online services could best assist them.  The appointment of this new full-time staff member has led to increased revenue through referrals and use of NCS services, as well as allowing NCS to build relationships and engagement opportunities.

INSTILS case study: Nottingham Counselling Service

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