Better Off In Business: Michael Moore

Michael, 23, from Spondon in Derbyshire, has been devoted to music from an early age. His inspiration came from seeing a drummer perform at primary school and began taking lessons himself. This passion sustained him through many difficult years in school.

Michael began working with bands and musicians while also holding down a job in administration. He completed an apprenticeship and progressed to a higher level before realising this career was not for him. He experienced depression until he was advised to go into music full time as that was clearly his talent.

That was a turning point for Michael and he completed a music qualification and began working as a peripatetic music teacher in special needs schools. Michael decided to unite his two interests, business and music, and with support from the Better Off in Business (BOIB) programme, established MM Drum School. As well as providing popular mainstream drum lessons, Michael has designed bespoke services for people with autism and other special needs.

Better Off In Business: Michael Moore

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