Better Off In Business: Katie Lyth

As a child, Katie, 29 from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, almost died as a result of severe physical abuse and neglect. Only major surgery saved her life, and she was then taken in to care and was eventually adopted.

Initially, Katie did well in education, gaining a place at university. However, aged 19 she dropped out and took up jobs in local pubs and clubs. At 22 she became pregnant and subsequently got married and had another child.

Katie felt trapped and frustrated as a stay at home mum, despairing of finding rewarding work that would fit around her family’s needs. A business concept began to develop in her mind, relating to affordable bridal wear, after the experience of her own wedding.

Then Katie discovered The Prince’s Trust Better Off in Business (BOIB) programme, it offered everything she needed set up her new enterprise.

Better Off In Business: Katie Lyth

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